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                  The car friend asks, what small part of old motorcycle disassemble can compare valuable?


                  What small parts of old motorcycle will be more valuable?

                  Yesterday we discussed how to dispose of the old motorcycle. Today we will look at the small and valuable parts of the old motorcycle.Of course, don't think that the knight share to start collecting waste, just because mo friends have this demand, so based on personal experience, briefly talk about the view.Of course, recycling is also a relatively lucrative job, many big bosses are in this industry to find the first bucket of gold, so every day the keyboard-tapping friends can also take a plastic bag, to experience.

                  Motorcycle is not a baby bumps, but its body above will have all kinds of raw materials, such as common iron, aluminum, plastic, very rare with copper, lead, and a small amount of precious metals, when see the precious metals don't shine at the moment, because it's quantity is little, don't worth us in vain, so if you want to realize the profit maximization should focus on some special parts.

                  Such as motorcycle battery is a relatively expensive waste, a 12 v7a battery recycling price will be around 15 yuan, in addition to aluminum circle before and after will be more valuable, basically every circle will be in 25 yuan a single value, followed by the engine, because the engine's shell is aluminum alloy so "value does not poor" basically be in 100 yuan or so, of course, multi-cylinder engines can also more expensive, but it is worth noting that the price is only a reference price, after all, the knight share is not a professional recycling, so give quotation and actual will have discrepancy.

                  And to say which of these many parts of the most valuable small parts, in addition to the battery, should be the starter, motor relay and magneto coil, because these parts will have a copper wire winding so a small amount of recovery after the price will be higher.

                  To sum up, the motorcycle to the only way is to disassemble waste classify, and then unified recycling, so different material parts will have different prices, we see the small things here will reflect its value, so, pick up, is the best way to play old motorcycle waste heat, of course the premise is to combine to manipulate the contents of yesterday stated, otherwise to waste on a motorcycle is no use for.