Brake Disk Plate

                  Made of fine steel, the brake disk plates we supply have different pole number and can suit for most SUZUKE, YAMAHA, and HONDA series. We not just only provide our customers break disk plate of stable performance and various models, but also safe driving experience. It is a kind of motorcycle spare part widely applied in all kinds of motorcycle with a tidy and solid appearance.

                  • XY-200(REVERSE) XY-200(REVERSE)
                  • XY-200(REAR) XY-200(REAR)
                  • XY-200(NORMAL) XY-200(NORMAL)
                  • WAVE-110 WAVE-110
                  • UNICORN UNICORN
                  • RX-125GY(FRONT) RX-125GY(FRONT)
                  • Rear Brake Rear Brake
                  • PULSAR PULSAR
                  • KAZE-R KAZE-R
                  • INNOVA INNOVA
                  • GS-125 GS-125
                  • GRYRTON GRYRTON