We supply CDI of capacitor type, different angle types, and arc state of both AC and DC arc both available. All CDIs have a wide continuous ignition speed range. The newest production lines, perfect production technique, and special work fixture for each instrument assure the consistency of the production. And the newly adopted SMT (YAMAHA YG12 and YG12F) production line assures the mounting quality of electronic components and productivity. We supply you CDI featuring:

                  1. Easily adapting to the environment

                  2. Ignition energy stability

                  3. More strong horsepower

                  4. The ignition performance more superior in low/high speed

                  5. A variety models of complete

                  • For YAMAHA 100 For YAMAHA 100
                  • XCD125 XCD125
                  • Wave125 Wave125
                  • SNIPER135 SNIPER135
                  • QJ125 CB QJ125 CB
                  • QJ90-A QJ90-A
                  • QJ50QT-10A QJ50QT-10A
                  • Pulsar135 Pulsar135
                  • JY110 AC JY110 AC
                  • JH70 AC JH70 AC
                  • For HONDA AC TIVA 100 For HONDA AC TIVA 100
                  • For HONDA 110 For HONDA 110