Cylinder Head

                  This is motorcycle cylinder head, mainly used in general gasoline engine, material: aluminum alloy and alloy cast iron, Features: 1. Superior material of aluminum alloy and alloy cast iron, light weight, high strength.2. Excellent wear resistance and durability, long service life.3. Exquisite workmanship, free of burrs, smooth bore surface.4. Good heat dissipation, low noise, low engine oil consumption. Fine appearance and good hear dissipation, excellent wear and shock resistance, competive price, durable and high quality, high technical capabilities, a complete range of specification. Of standard intake and exhaust size (this is related to the exhaust gas flow into smooth).Cylinder hardness reached more than HRB90, more wearable than the average product in market. High quality parts guarantee, various model of complete parts and accessories for option.

                  • BAJAJ BOXER BAJAJ BOXER
                  • ZY-125 ZY-125
                  • ZF-125 ZF-125
                  • WY-125 WY-125
                  • WH-125 WH-125
                  • V-100 V-100
                  • TVS STAR TVS STAR
                  • JH-70 JH-70
                  • GY-60 GY-60
                  • GY-50 GY-50
                  • GY6-125 GY6-125
                  • GS-125 GS-125