This is gasket for cylinder and full motorcycle, Material: Asbestos, rubber. Our gaskets are dealt with professional workmanship: Cut metal compounded rubber sheet (MCR) according to tight surface, process it into wave shape composed by single layer or multiple layers, and realize sealing effect through wavy surface rubber. Limber waviness has favorable floating effect and vibration character. Presently we supply many gasket models. Excellent quality material, stable performance, good quality, wholesale price. Adopted superior material, make the gasket has the function of excellent oil resistance, corrosion resistance, resisting heat and wear, and durable in use.

                  • GY6-125 UP&DOWN GY6-125 UP&DOWN
                  • FZR-250 UP&DOWN FZR-250 UP&DOWN
                  • CH-125 UP&DOWN CH-125 UP&DOWN
                  • CBR-250 MIDDLE CBR-250 MIDDLE