Gear Shift Pedal

                  Gear shift pedal is made of 45# carbon steel and chrome plated, surface: nickel plated. Advantages: high hardness, high impact resistance and strong rust proof 2.long operating life, durable in use. It has gone through 6-level or above salt spray test. With stable performance, this gear shift pedal is a kind of motorcycle spare part widely used in many kinds of motorcycle and still a variety of models are available. Its good bearing of intension ensures its long working life and its small mass allows the driver easy to operate. We provide a foam inside and carton outside package.

                  Features: 1.with the advantages of high hardness, high impact resistance and strong rust proof.2.Wearable in use life and long operating.3.Good quality material, reasonable price and nice service 4.Neatly packing and fast delivery.

                  • ZJ-125 ZJ-125
                  • WY-125 WY-125
                  • TVS STAR TVS STAR
                  • TRICYCLE-100 TRICYCLE-100
                  • PGC-001 PGC-001
                  • HJ-125 HJ-125
                  • GS-125 GS-125
                  • GS-125 DOUBLE GS-125 DOUBLE
                  • FC-100 FC-100
                  • DY-100 DY-100
                  • CG-125 CG-125
                  • CG-125,QJ-125 CG-125,QJ-125