We produce many kind of motorcycle & scooter meter, with quality PC&PP material. Turn signal indicator: intermittent light showing that a turn signal is in use. High beam warning indicator: light showing that the high beam is lit. Tachometer: Dial showing the engine’s rotation speed in revolutions per minute. Neutral indicator: light showing that none of the gears is engaged; that is, the engine’s rotation is not being transmitted to the wheels.Speedometer: Dial showing the speed at which the vehicle is moving, in kilometers or miles per hour.Each meter has indicators of speed, rotating speed, mileage and fuel capacity. It has lights to allow you to get the information that all these meters accurately and precisely provided. They have a wide range of working voltage and temperature, and can be easily adjusted to suit for different motorcycle wheel diameter. All meters we supply you are of global background: like single-chip microcomputer is FUJISTU; LCD provided by TRULY Semiconductors Ltd; Stepper motor imported from a Japanese joint venture in Thailand, and power supply is provided by ON semiconductor. All these components guarantee the quality and endurance of the instruments. We supply you not just a meter but also:

                  1.Good quality guaranteed

                  2.Stable performance

                  3.A variety of models complete

                  • YMH YBR METER YMH YBR METER
                  • WY METER WY METER
                  • WH-188 METER WH-188 METER
                  • TH METER TH METER
                  • SKLMTZ METER SKLMTZ METER
                  • QJZB QJZB
                  • NS-134 NS-134
                  • MSTZ MSTZ
                  • LYWD LYWD
                  • LMW LMW
                  • JB JB
                  • HWX HWX