Shock Absorption

                  This is motorcycle shock absorption, applicated in motorcycle. Easy installation and maintainers, good performance, high quality and competitive price. Satisfy various road stipulations make driving more comfortable. Features: The adjustor can be used to adjust the corresponding felicitous shock absorbing capability. Lock device is adopted for preventing inaccurate of the adjustor. The spring can reposit the piston rod fast cause the perfect movement of the check valve. It adopts horniness chrome plated piston rod, special sealing element. It can have a long and stable efficiency. It can adopt fittings, such as orientation stop screw cap, setting nut, fixed plate etc. The nonstandard can be also manufactured. High quality and reasonable price. In order to improve the quality of the products, we imported some equipment and testing machines from Taiwan, USA, and UK. Traditional management was changed into computerized method. Therefore, we strengthened our strong competition power in domestic and oversea market.

                  • ZH-125 ZH-125
                  • YEGAR NEW YEGAR NEW
                  • YBR-125 YBR-125
                  • XL-125R XL-125R
                  • WAVE-110 WAVE-110
                  • SATRIA SATRIA
                  • RXK NEW RXK NEW
                  • MH-008 MH-008
                  • MAX-110 MAX-110
                  • LJ-125 LJ-125
                  • JH-125L JH-125L
                  • INNOVA INNOVA