Spark Plug

                  This is motorcycle spark plug, vary model spark plug optional. High quality spark plug for motorcycles: multi-ribbed insulator eliminates flashover, 95%pure alumina insulator.

                  Advantages: Strong resistance to heat and shock, great mechanic and electronic features, superb insulation, nickel plated housing prevents oxidation and corrosion, heat crimping process ensures absolute air-tight fit, inner sealing with conductive glass ensures a fine conductivity and seal,multi-layer gaskets are strong and reliable, copper core electrode prevents oxidation and corrosion, good electricity and hear conductivity, long service life.

                  • K7RTC K7RTC
                  • IK16 IK16
                  • FK20HR11 FK20HR11
                  • F6RTC F6RTC
                  • E6TC E6TC
                  • CPR8EAIX CPR8EAIX
                  • A7TC A7TC
                  • F5TC F5TC
                  • D8TC D8TC
                  • D6HS D6HS
                  • CPR7E CPR7E