Standard Parts

                  We supply standard parts such as starting spring, rocker arm shaft, camshaft pin, axle sleeve, clutch push rod, start panel screw and so on. They are preceded from iron, alumina, copper, steel and so on. Our products are featured with: 1,High precision 2, Excellent quality 3, Low cost, quick delivery, high efficiency 4, Guarantee: Defect rate was control within 0.2‰5, Certification: ISO9001 and TS149696, Packaging: Be packed by customers' request 7, Delivery item: Ex-factory, FOB and CIF 8, Provide either sample or drawing. Standard parts we supply are widely employed in motorcycles. They are all of good quality and with a highly competitive price. The image is for reference only, and the specific technical parameter and requirements may be based on customer sample. We are professional on OEM, which can provide the product according to the need of our customer; we have shipped our products to oversea markets and achieved positive feedback.

                  • WY-125 STARTING SPRING WY-125 STARTING SPRING
                  • WY-125 ROCKER ARM SHAFT WY-125 ROCKER ARM SHAFT
                  • GY6-125 STARTING SPRING GY6-125 STARTING SPRING
                  • GY6-125 START PANEL SCREW GY6-125 START PANEL SCREW
                  • CH-125 WATER PUMP SHAFT CH-125 WATER PUMP SHAFT
                  • CH-125 ROCKER ARM SHAFT CH-125 ROCKER ARM SHAFT
                  • CG-125,ZJ-125 START PANEL SCREW CG-125,ZJ-125 START PANEL SCREW
                  • CG-125 SPEED SHAFT CG-125 SPEED SHAFT
                  • CG-125 ROCKER ARM SHAFT CG-125 ROCKER ARM SHAFT
                  • CG-125 CLUTCH SPRING CG-125 CLUTCH SPRING
                  • CBT-125 AXLE SLEEVE CBT-125 AXLE SLEEVE
                  • AX-100 STARTING SPRING AX-100 STARTING SPRING