Starting Motor

                  This is motorcycle starting motor. Components: magnetic steel, ebanelled wire, carbon brush. All technical requirements of outline and installation dimension, shaft, disk gear, testing with/without loading are meeting the national standard.Porperty of Battery: 12V 0A 7V 130A, Long duration test: Durable 20,000 Times Test by the 10% Biggest Drop of Performance Parameters. High & LowTemperature Test: The temperature was kept between -20±3°C and 95±2°C,heat insulation working 1 hour, No damage to the total 5 circulation, Less than the 10% drop of performance parameters. Air Tightness Test: Under 0.2 MPa Pressure the product without leakage phenomenon. The power is strong up to 160W-600W,the rotating speed has the national standard, and the peak standstill torque>4.5(N.M).No abnormal sound, vibration, reliable quality, reasonable price and good after-sales service. Lasting durable, fast start with voltage, long service life. Protection on battery over-charging open-circuit voltage. Low hot resist value, stable voltage feed to motorcycle electric system. Adopts the international IEC standards, safe and reliable.

                  • AG-100 AG-100
                  • YMH 110 YMH 110
                  • YBR 125 YBR 125
                  • XY-200 9T XY-200 9T
                  • XH-90 XH-90
                  • X100 X100
                  • WY125 WY125
                  • TB-50 TB-50
                  • SUZUKI-110 SUZUKI-110
                  • RX-125GY RX-125GY
                  • NH-90 NH-90
                  • NF-50 NF-50